Online Services

On line sessions work really well it is just as effective as face to face

I have had people saying that they feel really relaxed being able to stay in their own home. 

I mainly use WhatsApp, we can use Zoom if you prefer. 

You will need somewhere private and quiet, for the trance you can lay on the Sofa, or find somewhere you feel comfortable.

For the session you will need:-

  • A reliable internet connection.
  • Download WhatsApp you will be able to find my phone number ready for the session it is really easy I will just ring you at the agreed time on video call and you will also need to answer on video call.
  • if you are wanting to use Zoom you may use a laptop, tablet, phone then when you have agreed a time for the session I will send you a link to your email for each session which is safe and secure, that you will be able to just click on and follow the instructions to join your session.
  • Headphones work well for the trance.
  • turn off your notifications on your devices and phone.
  • This is a great way to be able to have your Hypnotherapy sessions without having to travel and also you will be able to keep relaxing in your own home after your very relaxing session.

I really love what I do being able to help my clients move on with their lives, sleeping better and achieving their goals and being the person they want to be.