Sessions & Prices

Initial Consultation

The 1st session will be the Initial Consultation, in this session it is all about carrying out a simple assessment in which I will gather some information to be able to tailor a treatment plan and give you an idea of how many sessions you may need.

I will then explain, in a easy to understand way, how the brain works. From this very first session you will be able to see how you can regain control and we can work together and start getting the real you back.

You will also receive a free download or CD that will be sent to you.

The following sessions will be explained and what to expect in future sessions.

 All sessions are approximately 50 minutes.

The price for The Initial Consultation is £60.

Subsequent Hypnotherapy sessions £60

Stop Smoking only 1 session is needed £150

All my sessions are tailored to suit your needs and in these sessions I use Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. This will give you a understanding of how the brain works and allow you to start making long lasting changes.

How many sessions will I need to have ?

Every person is different, the number of session will depend on what the client presents with. My clients are always in control of this, you know when you have achieved the goals you want to achieve, when you are confident that you have achieved all you want to from your hypnotherapy sessions and you feel ready to finish the sessions and go on your own, then this would be the right thing to do. If you find that you are wanting to come back to do a few more sessions then I will be happy to do more sessions with you.

This is a guide to help you have an idea of how many sessions but remember everyone is different.

You would come for the initial consultation which would help me know how I am going to help you, then after that it would depend on the what you will be seeing me for.

  • Low mood that can lead to depression and Anxiety, IBS is between 8 and 12 sessions but can vary for each individual.
  • Specific phobias are normally covered in 4 sessions including the Initial Consultation.

  • The Stop Smoking is just one session and could be up to 2 hours.      

  • Sessions are booked on a weekly basis.

Bank Transfer, the payment will be due the day before the session.